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   My name is John Tamblin and I currently teach Organic Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry and two sections of 7th and 8th grade STEM classes.  Unless directed to this page, all class information, downloads, and assignments will be accessed through the Sapphire Community Portal.  If you need to contact me, please email jtamblin@elsd.org.  
Click on the following link to learn about writing an abstract:
Some links of interest...
 STEM- Check this out for the iPad stand-
Check out the following YouTube Channel on using 123D Design for the computers:
 Some Organic Chem links of interest:
 Spectroscopy Tutorials through Colorado State at Boulder!!!
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Companion Website: McMurry 6 Edition
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McMurry 6 ed.
 Some AP Chem links of interest:
Website for Electrochem review...at least check out from 32 min to 36 min...

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